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NEW Fipper Slipper Trekker Tribal Series with Adjustable Straps

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RM 69.90
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RM 69.90
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Whether it's journey of one thousand miles, or just a simple stroll around the block, come hell or high water, our new Trekker Tribal series will always up for the challenges. So get ready to unleash the untapped elements within yourself with your new sole companion; Trekker Tribal series.

- Features 1 of 4 design which represents the spirit of everchanging cause of one's life; Atlas, Canyon, Capella and Ash.

- 3 adjustable great quality velcro straps, comes on and off quickly and gets the fit just right

- Upgraded sole, straps and buckles materials to support every steps one would take

- Comfort-guarantee footbed, designed to help combat the fatigue from extreme adventure

- Available from size UK5 up to UK11

*Every pair of Trekker Tribal will be unique as each pattern on the strap is designed to be continuous and position differently from each other (Setiap posisi corak Trekker Tribal adalah unik & setiap pasang akan mempunyai corak yang berlainan)